Monday, October 8, 2012

QUEST Workshop at LTER All Scientists Meeting

Members of QUEST held a two hour workshop entitled “Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies” at the 2012 LTER All Scientists Meeting.  The two hour discussion-based workshop started with a round of introductions in which the 40 participants identified their system of study, and the biggest source of uncertainty they face.  The rest of the time was devoted by ten “lightening round” presentations on uncertainty in different ecosystem components (see presenters below).  Each five minute talk was followed up by a group discussion.   We received positive feedback from many of the workshop participants, and a proposal has been submitted for an organized oral session at next years ESA conference in Minneapolis. Full meeting notes are available for download below

List of presenters:
John Campbell:  Intro to QUEST, Participant introductions (what's your biggest uncertainty?)
Harmon:  Intro to sources of uncertainty
Adam Skibbe: Precipitation Uncertainty
Xuesong Zhang: Precipitation Uncertainty
John Battles: Biomass Uncertainty
Mark Green: Streamflow Uncertainty
Ruth Yanai: Uncertainty in Soils
Jeff Taylor: NEON products and their uncertainty
Craig See: Uncertainty in Data Gaps
Carrie Rose Levine: Monitoring Uncertainty