Thursday, August 14, 2014

Workshop: Tools for Estimating Uncertainty in Ecology

August 10, 2014, Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Sacremento, CA. 
Although methods are well established for statistical analysis of most experimental designs, there are fields in Ecology where it is more difficult to establish confidence in results (e.g., in catchment studies, treatments are rarely replicated).   For environmental networks, using standardized approaches ensures that results are comparable, but sometimes the same statistical technique is not applicable to comparable data sets (e.g. when there are significant differences in the sample size of the same population at two geographically distinct locations).   Many of these concerns can be addressed through the appropriate use of tools for uncertainty analysis. This workshop will highlight current developments in uncertainty estimation across many fields of ecology.   Overview presentations will focus on practical examples of how uncertainty calculations can inform data over small-to-large scales.   Data packages and software tools will be shared with the attendees.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own data sets and laptop computers; we will provide data for the exercises if you don’t bring your own.   Organizers Jeffrey R. Taylor, Ruth D. Yanai and John Campbell, and moderator Jeffrey R. Taylor welcome participation by researchers in all career stages and from a broad array of ecological disciplines.

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