Monday, March 14, 2016

SSSA 2016 Symposium and Special Issue: Quantifying Uncertainty in Forest Ecosystem Studies

We invite abstracts for a symposium at the 2016 SSSA meeting November 6-9 in Phoenix, AZ.  Quantifying uncertainty in studies of forests is important to establish the significance of findings, make predictions with known confidence, and guide investments in research and monitoring. This symposium will address sources of uncertainty in estimates of carbon and nutrients in forest soils, above- and belowground biomass, and ecosystem inputs and outputs.

Presentations may address any source of uncertainty in forest ecosystems, including spatial and temporal variation, measurement error, model uncertainty, and model selection error.  Topics may include pools and turnover rates in soil, necromass, and living biomass. Presentations will also address how these uncertainties influence monitoring designs or affect management and policy decisions.  
Abstract submissions will open March 15, and close June 7, with early submission deadline of May 24.
Authors will be invited to submit papers to a special issue of SSSAJ.  Papers not presented at the SSSA meeting are also welcome to the SSSAJ special issue.
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We hope to see you in Phoenix!

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