Friday, November 4, 2016

Uncertainty Workshop at the ILTER OSM

QUEST sponsored an Uncertainty Workshop at the ILTER Open Science Meeting in South Africa October 9-13.  The workshop consisted of four modules:  (1) Measurement Uncertainty, presented by Hank W. Loescher and Janae L. Csavina; (2) Experimental Design for Long-Term Monitoring, presented by Christina L. Staudhammer;  (3) Monte Carlo Error Propagation, presented by Oswaldo Carrillo and Ruth D. Yanai; and (4) Uncertainty quantification: analysis of NEON and other biodiversity network data with hierarchical Bayes, presented by James S. Clark.   The workshop was well received by the 66 delegates who attended.  More information, including the materials for each of the modules, can be found here.

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